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Currently featuring all the songs for the following song chips:

WOW Magic Sing:
WOW Christian, WOW Church Hymn, WOW Concerto 2009 Edition (ET18000 Model), WOW Concerto Edition EG18000, WOW French, WOW Magic Sing Mabuhay 2006 Edition, WOW Magic Sing Mabuhay Edition With Abba, WOW Magic Sing Papuri Edition, WOW Magic Sing Silver Fiesta Edition, WOW Premium MTV Edition TKR-310, WOW Spanish, WOW Tagalog 3, WOW Tagalog 3 (UK), WOW Tagalog 4, WOW Tagalog 4 (UK), WOW Tagalog 5, WOW Tagalog 5 (UK), WOW Tagalog 6, WOW Tagalog 6 (UK), WOW Tagalog 7, WOW Tagalog 7 (UK), WOW Tagalog 8, WOW Tagalog 8 (UK), WOW Tagalog 9, WOW UK, WOW Vietnamese, WOW Worship

Xtreme Magic Sing:
XTREME Church Hymn, XTREME Country, XTREME Praise, XTREME Tagalog 3, XTREME Tagalog 4, XTREME Tagalog 5, XTREME Tagalog 6, XTREME Tagalog 7, XTREME Tagalog 8, XTREME Version 8, XTREME Version 9, XTREME Worship

If you own a songchip that is not listed above and would like to see it on the Magic Mic Songs website, please contact us and we will put it on the site for you.

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